Friday, September 11, 2015

first week of homeschool 2015

tuesday was our first day back to homeschool after the older three spending a year in 
public school! my approach this year is much different than in years past.

my older kids (7th and 5th) are doing Monarch, and so far, i like it. though, the first day
we had a huge learning curve. and one of my kids didn't know i looked 
at their work and answered one of his questions, " blah blah blah history history." 
true story. he's a smarty pants. total smarty pants.

my first grader is doing My Father's World, and my pre k boy is doing Explode the Code
and a few worksheets a day out a Mead preschool workbook. 

It take us little ones less than hour to right an hour. The big kids spend less than two hours
doing their work. It's not bad.

Once we finish book work, we do something artsy, they read independently, and then i do a 
read aloud to all of them. currently, we're working through James and the Giant Peach
It's a quick, fun read.

first day of school:

first week of school, done!!

and then grey gives the death stare:


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