Tuesday, September 1, 2015

ruby at night.

my sweet girl. 
she actually doesn't mind tummy time. and she's always been pretty good about getting that head up
off the ground. these photos are grainy and i love 'em. i'm always sayin' embrace the grain.
because really, it just attests to the fact that was dark except for a small lamp in the living room.
so basically, real life for me.

i also really love how grey is next to her. that boy. wow. he loves his sister with a fierceness none
of the other boys possessed. truly, there's constant kissing and touching, and lately? he blows
raspberries on her belly. and THEE second she starts crying, he'll tell me,
"mom, baby tying. go get her." of all the scenarios i imagined of him becoming a big brother,
i never thought it would as sweet and amazing as it is. i actually thought he'd be super jealous,
or only sort of like her (like B. he feels meh about her still). but really, he's madly over the moon
for her. and i just love watching it. he'll kiss and kiss and kiss her. physical touch is,
without a doubt, his love language. and i'm just so mushy watching him love her.


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