Sunday, November 22, 2015

baby Ruby, 4months.

i took photos of all the kiddos the other day, 
and i'm still in the process of editing them, but i got all of Ruby's done, 
so i wanted to go ahead and share them for the fam bam and our frands.

you guys, this baby is so amazing! i'm sure you are tired of hearing it, 
but i'm still in awe that i have a baby girl. a DAUGHTER!
and she, gosh, she just blows my mind!
and all the girly sounds she makes, the cutest little squeals i ever did hear, i tell ya.

i'm am just eating up the now, all of her sweet stages one by one. i'm enjoying them 
and not wishing the time backwards. i love her current stage of wanting to be upright
and wanting to sit, but still be too wobbly. she loves being tossed in the air.
she loves her doorway jumper, she loves being snuggled.
she loves momma's milk. she has the most adorable little laugh when you
tickle her belly just right. she's at the stage where she's exploring the world with her mouth.
(most people assume because babies chew, they're teething. but actually, that is how they
discover new things, by way of their gummy little mouth). she started
doing the newborn pucker again when she gets hungry. she does the stranded swimmer
when she's on her belly (basically flails and kicks wildly).

sister baby is sitting right beside me chattering quite loudly and letting me know 
that she will soon be mad because she is tired of laying down!!

every now and then, when i take a ruby-momma selfie, i can see the similarities
between us and i notice how we do actually look alike!
it's crazy to have a little human that looks like you!!!

anyway, here she is, with LOTS of images!!

next up: 
photos off all the stinky boys.


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