Monday, November 2, 2015

brennen is 5!

B's birthday was at the end of September. 
and we celebrated by letting him pick out his own gifts! you, guys, he had so much fun!
i made him cupcakes earlier that day, chocolate on chocolate, his request!

can we all just agree that someone needs to get the Chambers boys that Chewy for Christmas?!

and naturally, you must always scare the children when given the chance!
because it's so funny when you do!!

baby girl did her thang and just watched in wonder!

 typically, we always line all the kids up on the bench with the birthday boy in the middle. 
clearly, the threenager wasn't having it!!

 and B here, well. he blew out his candles before we were even finished singing to him!
a little impatient much? well yes. because cake.

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