Monday, November 2, 2015

halloween 2015.

our Halloween 2015.
this was the first year Toby and I have ever dressed up! and I'm prutty sure we'll be dressing up
every year because it was way fun!!

this post is photo heavy, but i can't help it! so many to love!

first of all, toby shaved his beard just to be in full character!
second, it was super windy when we took these!
third, a certain little ninja in blue was supposed to be a Sith Lord but got his costume
out after it had been washed and got honey all over it, unbeknownst to me.

 oh my gosh, you guys!! i have been telling him for years to be Ace Ventura!! 
He does Jim Carrey well! 
Here's a little scene in photos. 
If you want to see him actually act out a scene, the video is on my facebook.
It's hilarious, and absolutely amazing!

and oh my gosh, it was so funny hearing all the older people who don't know the movie say
things like, oh how nice of you to wear that! oh that's so great of you! and such.
those who know the movie gave him lots of props.
and one dude in the target parking lot (last minute stop) asked to take his picture!

and this little turkey butt is just lucky we have kept costumes! otherwise, 
we woulda been digging through closets to throw something together VERY last minute!

and this cutest little Jedi didn't want to wear the Yoda ears. sad day.

told this kid to gimme his Cap face!

every year this kid gets into character more than any of the other boys!

this was another hit with other trick or treaters! Steve from Minecraft!

my little lady slept through the rest of the photos. but i found this fur to cover her carrier in
because i knew i'd be wearing her the whole time and i knew i wanted her to be a kitten!
so last minute, i decided we'd be a combo costume: momma cat and kitten!
she is wearing little gray crocheted ears i made for her, too.
(and i didn't factor in the fact she chews on the edge of the carrier, so i had to improvise
and add the white drool pads to keep the fur out of her mouth).

and the silly, posed ones.
that minecraft Steve is on point! 

and then there's grey.

why, yes, dear, i do want you to pose for me!

oh, i wish i had the whole house on camera! (i think i was nursing the kitten)
this house wins all of halloween!!! it was amazing!

the kiddos had a great time. and so did the grown ups!
prutty sure i'm ready to start planning next year's costumes.
i'm aiming for epic!


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