Monday, November 2, 2015

marshmallow roast in OK.

Several weeks ago, my grandfather went into the hospital and we found out he had a brain bleed,
so we packed up in a hurry and headed to Oklahoma so I could help my family out while
he was in ICU and recovering. I honestly didn't take any photos while I was there because
I was more focused on cooking and visiting. He's doing pretty good now, going through
physical therapy and speech therapy, gaining his speech back pretty quickly! I'm hoping
that once he's physically strong, he'll be able to go home. He's been ready for weeks now!

But anyways, on our last night there, we had a little marshmallow roast over my sister's fire pit
with all of the parents, siblings, and grandkids! It was super dark, as you can see, but I'm still so
happy I brought the camera out.

Toby and his Granny:

Jonyn was roasting his 'mallows and when they caught fire, wanted Dad to blow them out.
he got a tad close to Dad's face!!

The smoke kept getting to Grey's eyes!

Our beautiful niece!

And then Brennen was swinging around his hot marshmallow poker/roaster thing and we were all
whoa, dude! whoa!

Scaring the kids. Every chance we get!

Of course, my extremely hot husband did what he do and brought out the video camera.

It was certainly a fun way to end the visit. I hope someday we can move closer and have more
nights like this with extended family!

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