Monday, November 2, 2015

snail. water drops. worm.

the other day, i just needed to step outside and take five minutes with my Bible and my journal to
decompress and get away from the screaming, bickering kids. it had been a rough day.

it had been raining off on that day and the days prior.
and when i got outside, i found this little snail under my chair, determined to get back to 
the overgrown flower garden from whence he came. 

the texture on this guy is amazing!! i looooove how these photos turned out. i love my macro lens.
gah! love that thing!

i scared him momentarily.

so i moved on to the water droplets in the grass.

i just can't get over how amazing the texture is on him. it's fabulous.
a friend pulled up to drop off eggs while i was on my belly shooting him.
and she was all, what in the world?!
i'm like, duh, snail! and as a photographer, i gotta!
just kidding, i didn't say that.
but i do have to photograph things like this. it's rare here in west texas since rain is rare.

look at that little bitty tentacle on the bottom! 
is it a tentacle? i don't know my snail anatomy.

and the slime... it's way cool!

and after i finished up my journaling, i saw this guy out of the corner of my eye.
once i got down to his level, he actually froze up and stopped moving.

nature is pretty amazing. i sort of wish i was out in it more often!
i'm a total homebody, and find it difficult to get out too much with a nursling.


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