Monday, November 30, 2015

star wars thanksgiving.

we stayed home this year for thanksgiving and didn't travel.
it was quiet and leisurely. i didn't make a fuss over prepping for dinner early or anything.
i shopped on monday, ahead of most of the crowd, and planned our meals.
thanksgiving morning, we rolled out of bed slowly, i started the chicken for the dressing,
and my kiddos made the cornbread and cranberry sauce.
toby was in charge of the gobbler, so i didn't have to worry about that.
my kiddos helped me make the chocolate pie. and i decided to go ahead and bake a pumpkin pie, too.
so i whipped one up. it all just felt easy and laid back. no "WHERE'S MY FAMILY?"
moments. just easy. we all worked together to pull it all together, and i very much enjoyed it.

for a while, i honestly thought that i drowned in post partum depression so much
that i could never enjoy my kids again. i still struggle with that, but it is getting better. 
i can genuinely enjoy them again. i don't feel so swallowed up by darkness.
God is gracious, and has allowed me time to breathe again, after five years.
i'm so thankful. He is good, even when things are hard.
and i'm grateful He's helping me out of this beast and i'm grateful i can enjoy
my turkey-butt kids again.

so we played star wars monopoly while watching a mini star wars marathon.
friday and saturday were spent playing more games and watching more star wars.
it was a super lovely weekend.
all the feels. 

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