Sunday, November 29, 2015

the big boys. fall 2015

my big kids.

many times i look at them and think, "crap, when did i become a mom of such old kids?!"
but seriously, i can't believe how time has flown, i can't believe they are 12 and 11.
i can't believe i'm old enough to have such old-fart kids.
and they're just gonna keep getting bigger and older.
and so am i.
i wish not bigger.
but i love food.
all manner of food.
except seafood.

i digress.
my kids.
they're giants now.
(and growing out their hairs). 
and it is hard momming tweens.
gah! i mean, i'm pretty sure threenagers are still some of the most difficult creatures
invented. but tweens are a tight second. 
we'll all be lucky to come of this phase unscathed.

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