Thursday, November 26, 2015

the little boys. fall 2015.

i posted a bunch of cutie pie photos of my girl, 
now here are photos of my cluster of little boys!
and tomorrow, i'll share my big kids.
they're so big now,  y'all.

i took grey out first. 
and y'all. i was trying darn hard to get him to do a genuine smile, a laugh.
but no.

i kept using all those words that boys laugh at.
i started calling him farty butt,
and he'd go, "ah!" so upset like and make the face he always makes when he feels wronged.
*laughing til i cry emoji, here.*
thanks to instagram and dumb smart phones, i almost forgot how to talk or type without emojis.

he would direct me, like most threenagers, and he was all... mom,
 like dis.
mokay then.

and of course: 

"mom, i fine figh-yer!" 
that's greyson-speak.

a couple weeks ago, brennen and jonyn decided to go out back with a pair of scissors.
yep. they also decided to give the dog a haircut while they were at it.

*finds dandelion.*
*blows dandelion in brother's face.*
because, threenager.

no worries, i'll keep creepy smiling for mom.

he's such an adorable kid!!!

so i told him to give me Cap, Hulk, then Superman. 
and these were my favorite shots! 
mostly because he still had the flower!

but seriously, this kiddo lives in his own little world the majority of the time.
sometimes you can see him thinking, "tra la la," as he bounces through the house!
he's basically going to be oblivious to so many things because he lives in a little bubble
that he's created all for himself!!

and this boy.... gooooooosh!! he is such a handsome boy.
and he is looking bigger and bigger every. single. day.
i will admit that he's been a handful lately,
but we're working through it.
 slowly. ever so slowly.
at a snail's pace.

and also, every time you get him out for a photo, he does the crazy eyes,
with his eyebrows lodged straight up into his hairline!
so we have to tame the brow beast, usually, so there's just a hair of crazy happening.

that's my cluster of little boys.
momming three kids so close in age can be so hard sometimes.
there are also great benefits and rewards,
but lately, 
i kinda want to run far away. 

to a coffee shop.
so alone.


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