Sunday, December 13, 2015

a random list

1: if you hadn't heard, this girl scoots now! she sees what she wants and scoots herself to it!

2: i knew i wanted to get my baby girl her first baby doll for Christmas this year.
what i didn't know was that it would get me all teary. how sweet it is! 
and to feel that a part of my soul feels healed, soothed, that is just the icing.
i am still in a lot of the old habits i formed whilst dealing with all the post partum and prenatal 
depressions. i was such a mean mom, and my tongue would just spew when i got upset.
i'm still changing habits, i'm still letting Jesus come in and speak truths.
i'm still looking for a tribe of women locally to also speak truths over me,
and i, in turn, can do the same for them.

3: is this a glimpse of toddler Ruby?!
 4: toddler booty.
it's a favorite thing of mine.

5: this boy. oh Jonyn. he has started using big words lately.
he walked up to me after snail shell collecting all afternoon and was all,
"mom, wanna see my giant inventory of shells?" 
uh, whut?
i don't use inventory on a regular basis because basically i work at home
where i'm not required to use words such as those.
and then he walked in to the office where i was chatting with Toby and said,
"as i resume...." i forget what the whole sentence was. but basically,
he's growing up and being all fancy about it.

 6: on this same shell collecting day, we cleaned out the garage. and it was tiring,
but worth it. also required was coffee. and i almost cropped out the dropped pj pants,
but that wouldn't be my real life, now would it?

7: he asked to play with the kennel so he could put his stuffed puppy in there.
imaginative play? sure, kid. 
we also decided to can the devices and screen time during the week because behaviors
were getting so out of control. for the most part, i'm shocked by how much better life it
without the electronics during the week. i never would have thought, until i started seeing
a common theme among other moms... their kids were acting out with too much screen time.
i didn't even think of that!

8: greyson found goggles during the garage clean out and we had a conversation that went like this:

me: hey grey, can i take your picture?

him: yeah.

me: can you stop eating for a minute?

him: yeah. stuffs face with chip.

me: do you wanna put your goggles on your eyes?

him: yeah, sure.

me: can you stop eating for a minute, for one picture?

him:  stuffs another chip.

me: snap snap snap.
hiding giggles.
is your eye stretched out?

him: stuffs another chip.
shakes head no. 

me: hides giggles.
fixes his eyeball.

me: is that better?

him: no.
fidget. fidget.

 me: now can i take a picture with your eye fixed?
him: walks away.

three year olds, man.

9: today, i gave him something, and as he walked away, he gave me a wink just as he turned
his head around. it was so adorable. three is a tough, tough age, but also the cutest.

10: lately, my theme is "and if not, He is still good."
it has been rolling in my head for a couple weeks now. it's something i have to say
out loud often lately. life goes through complicated and scary seasons, 
and sometimes, you just have to verbalize the truth.
because, whatever it is, then if not, He is still good.


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