Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Nights.

Our church was hosting a small shindig called Christmas Nights.
or maybe it was Lights. Nope, pretty sure it was Nights.
We decided to go one night, they had bouncy houses, marshmallow roasting pits,
Santa, and a giant slide. However, we skipped Santa and the slide,
because, lines for.ev.er, and momma was tired.
Also, it wasn't clear where everyone was getting the hot chocolate from,
so we skipped that, too, and made our own at home.

Toby, doin' what he do. 

First, I love this matte edit. I wasn't so sure when the matte edits first became popular.
but I can remember never ordering glossy film/prints, so now, I kinda like this matte thing.
Second, hey Grey, got a little sumpin' on your hands, there?

My big kids took off to do something, so I shot some silliness of these goobs.

This is basically what it's like to get a bunch of amped up children of the same herd 
to gather around for a family photo.

And thanks to remote shooting from my phone, we got some photos of us all together!!

Also, Greyson wins best face.

Also, I'm in denial about my recent weight gain.
Aware of it. Denying it. 


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