Thursday, December 31, 2015


Christmas Eve. All of us. 
My heart.

I'm sort of struggling with mothering older children.
Really, just motherhood in general. But it does my heart good to see us all together.


Christmas Day.

This year, we did something a little different. My mom and dad got the boys bicycles for their gifts
this year. (let's not discuss the fact that my kids didn't already have bikes.)

So Toby wanted to set up a scene for them, a way to fight for their gift. Naturally, the kids
had no idea what the heck was happening. It was a fun way to start the day!

We hung a sign up for the boys to get dressed down to shoes,
wait for everyone to wake up (also known as torture),
open the box...

...pick a weapon...

...and go outside!
They had know idea Vader was waiting on them. A few of the kids weren't really sure
what to do. But Vader had no mercy!

Once Vader was defeated, he gave instructions to see what R2 had for them!

The note says OPEN THE GARAGE!
I have video of them opening the garage and the look on their faces.
They first thought they were about to fight off a mob of baddies, 
but no...

...they each got a bike!!!!
Jaws literally dropped! They were so excited!
And it didn't take them long to pick up on how to ride!

Of course, Grey had to go back and chat with R2 and see if he had anything else for them.

After they rode around for a bit, we went back inside for the rest.
Here is what it is like to get them all together.
Greyson requested that R2 be beside him. because, threenager.

Please note: the cutest sad pouty lip ever.
She was woken up and a little confused!

The other thing we did different this year was stockings first. 
In year's past, I always passed out all the gifts. Last year, each boy got his gifts 
wrapped in his own wrapping paper, one style for each kid.
This year, I put different colored dots on each gift, and put a dot in each stocking.
They had to dig to find their dot color and find their gifts that matched their dots!
That meant I could just sit and watch!
Oh and also, my kids are weirdos.

I always put a few pieces of chocolate in the stocking. And this is the only day of the year
it is acceptable for the kids to have chocolate before breakfast. (I put some granola bars in there,
too, so they would have something else on their stomachs.)
Greyson was stuffing face with Reece's before he did anything else!

I swear she is expressing her excitement over this wooden kitten!!

(also, my hair was clean. 
I had put it in braids before bed and didn't do anything with it after I woke up).

You guys, Greyson is the most expressive child we've had!
Every darn day, we crack up at his faces. Here are a few Toby managed to capture!
Did I mention, Toby took most of these?

Her first baby doll! I totally teared up when ordering it, and again when it came in,
and again when I saw this image of her squeezing it tight!!

This child, he concentrates so hard when he is trying to do something!!

I found Grey these amazing shoes on Amazon and when he opened them,
though we tried to persuade him otherwise, he had to put them on his feet right then.

Our new favorite headbands! and a cute bandanna bib. We basically never use bibs,
but it's good to have a cute one on hand just in case.

And the last gift! Their together gift! Kids Charades!

Mamoo made hats for all the boys and Ruby and ear warmers for me.

That was our Christmas. If you stuck it out and read all the words and looked at all the photos,
good on you! And thank you!!! 
Christmas wasn't huge, which I prefer, but it was fun!
They bicycles seem to take the cake this year!
Although, my bookworm might say his books are tied for favorite.
He's already devoured one full book and is working on another!

Happy New Year!


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