Friday, December 18, 2015

daddy and ruby.

you guys. 
i have always loved watching toby with our kids.
there's something truly sexy about a man that loves his babies fiercely. 
after my first baby, when my hormones and emotions were back in check,
i distinctly remember seeing toby holding our bitty newborn and thinking, hot damn!
i was like, wow, i had no idea i could find him more attractive just because he
 was my baby daddy.

and to this day, i still adore seeing him snuggle our boys. i still get all the feels.
but when we found out the Rubster was a she, i was so emotional at the thought
of seeing them together. and i still find him highly attractive when he's with our
daughter. daddies and daughters have always been said to have a different kind of 
relationship than mommas and daughters, so i am so in love watching them develop their
relationship as she gets older. 

currently, i'm still her food source, and you know, i carried her, so i am still her safe place
and i know i will be for a while, it's just the nature of babies,
they need and want mom over anyone else. thankfully, my darling husband understands
this completely and doesn't get booty hurt over it.
from experience, he also knows that between 2 and 3 years old, our kids turn on me,
hiss at me like a cat, and decide dad is their favorite.

okay, i might've exaggerated about the hissing, but they do decide dad is better,
and you know what? i LOVE it. i do! i love that after 2-3 years of being the safe place, 
dad gets to be the safe place for them! like, i adore it. absolutely adore it, for him, 
for them, for me!

i mean, toby is amazing and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, so to speak, and help with the
baby stage, but he gets to be the superhero during those later toddler years,
and it brings me joy and it lets me bring more of me back into my life at that point.

i still try to craft and crochet and sew with the Rubster, but it is harder than it is 
when i have mobile kids who like daddy better! so i always relish that transition.
i mean, there's always that tiny twinge of sadness because for us, that's like a milestone,
telling us they are more toddler than baby and they're getting bigger and growing and stuff.

but right now, Ruby loves her daddy, love to watch him anytime he's in the room.
loves touching his face, obvs. loves to listen to him talk. she loves for him walk around with 
her, too. i am not minimizing his relationships with the boys,
but there is something different about seeing him be a girl dad.
and i love it.

she's sucking on her lip here, by the way.


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