Tuesday, December 29, 2015

jumpy little girl.

Sister looooves her doorway jumper. 
It seriously keeps her entertained for long stretches of time.
(and you know, "long stretches" are relative in babyland.) 
But she has figured out how to jump, prance, and swing herself.
All of which are so adorable. I'll have to show you video one of these days before she gets too big.

We've been really fortunate. We got our first jumper with our third baby,
and all four babies have had so much fun with them!
This one doesn't have a place for hanging toys like our other ones have,
but we just shove this little bunny lovey between her and the jumper and
she's happy with that! Besides, she'd rather be jumping than messing with the toys! 

This was when her face was still pouring liquid from everywhere,
before her nose really cleared up. 
I swear she just woke up one morning and her stuffed up nose was just... clear!
It was weird, but I'm glad she's not stuffy anymore.

Also, they're a little blurry, but I give no cares.
And also, plus, do you even know how much I love that spot of her that won't lay down?
All the heart eyes. All of them.

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