Tuesday, December 29, 2015


 Christmas with a new baby is always so dreamy and magical.
Everything is new all over again. You get to pick out a Baby's First Ornament.
And you can get a Baby's First onsie and totally forget to put it on the baby.
Christmas gifts can be super simple. We did a few handmade gifts from etsy,
I made her a few, and of course, we got her first baby doll.

It's just magic. Especially when you let them explore. 
I put Ruby up to the tree so she could see what it was about.
I don't wig over her touching it. Eating the wrapping paper, however, is a different story!
I was prutty sure she was going to poop hot pink tissue paper and glitter.
But she didn't.

I help her up to the tree and try to take photos with one hand. It was difficult!
But I kinda like the abstract like quality.

She started blowing raspberries here. It was darn adorable!

After the kids were in bed, while we were heading to our own bed and shutting everything off,
Momma Cat was curled up on the tree blankie and of course, I couldn't resist a photo of her! 


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