Thursday, December 17, 2015

my nursling.

my sweet little daughter.
how i love to nourish you! it's such a special time for us,
to know we're snuggled so close, and to know my body is providing your life source.
my dear girl, may you always know how much you are adored and loved,
and much joy it brings me to nurse you.

you're at that nursing stage where if you hear something that piques your curiosity,
you unlatch and whip your head around to see what's going on.
you love momma fiercely. you know just how to wiggle yourself into a nursing
position when you're hungry.

periodically, we try to offer you the paci again and you always refuse it.
we tried a bottle with pumped milk last week, and you acted as though
we were trying to torture you! your little pointy tongue did everything in it's power
to push that bottle away!

one day, though, i do hope you will take momma's milk in a bottle,
just so i can go have some time to refresh alone or with other women.
but i won't rush you, even though i really want to, if i'm being completely honest.

i love you to pieces. i am so thankful for the ability to give you life and love through one
simple act. you are an amazing little beauty and i pray you can one day do the same 
for your babies.



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