Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ruby - six months.

These were taken the day before Ruby turned six months old. 
I decided to edit half of them one way, the other half another. 

Baby girl! How can I even begin to express what a complete JOY you've been
these last six months! You are so gorgeous and full of life! You have the biggest grin
I ever did see! You make a kissy face all day long. You look so cute in these knotted 
headbands that I may never put any other kind on you. You giggle when you're 
tickled in just the right spot. You are like your Momma, laughing doesn't just naturally 
or easily slip from your lips. It has to be really funny! So sometimes, you laugh at your brothers
just because they're silly. 

You don't sit quite yet, but you scoot, and you're trying to crawl.
The doorway jumper may be your favorite toy ever. You love babywearing in the Tula.
You aren't quite on solids yet. It sort of wears me out thinking about that because I'm not a fan
of that stage. I figure in a month or two, we'll start table food and give you chunks of avocados.
You do have a highchair now. But it's more for you to sit it while I do other things, like cook,
since sitting unassisted isn't your thing yet, you'd rather be on your belly moving around!

Everyone around here adores you to pieces. The boys love to hold you and play with you!
You adore watching your daddy move around the room. You like to grab his beard when
he's snuggling you. In fact, you love grabbing faces. It's super sweet.

You are just such a sweet, happy soul! I cannot imagine what life was like before you.
It is like you have always been here! You were such a surprise that I nearly hyperventilated
when that test showed two lines. But, sweet girl... you were the best surprise in the whole
wide world! (and your youngest older brother. since he was a surprise, too!)
I knew you were a girl from the moment I knew you were in my womb.
I wouldn't trade this crazy life for anything else! You came to us at the perfect, God-given
time. You were the greatest desire of my heart for such a long time.
And now, here you are. You complete our family most perfectly.
I love you, sweetest girl.


These next ones were taken the day of her turning six months old!
She is so beautiful, so happy, so full of sunshine!

I know that this photo is really blown out! She happened to start getting on her 
hands and knees THE second I moved her into this position! So i just snapped fast!
Quite a gift on her six month birthday!!

Then I get this face when I start squealing like a teenage girl because I'm so proud of her!
And in shock, I was in shock.
She was confused!

I know it isn't technically great, but you guys, it's the MOMENT that matters!
I captured her second time ever on hands and knees, too!!!
And then, she just kept going!

Her problem is that she as soon as she gets up on her knees, she lunges forward!
Girlfrand is way to busy to stay like that!

And then, she naps.


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