Friday, December 18, 2015

star wars lunch break.

there's been a loooooot of star wars talks and happenings around here, 
so there clearly has to also be lightsaber fights.
however, greyson only wants dad to fight him.

and the first step to dueling a three year is to wait and listen to his bossy directions
on how you are to fight him back.

then you can go to it!

although greyson made sure to chop of both of toby's arms, he was also willing to be the victim!
aaand it's the cutest thing i ever did see.

also, light sabers can be guns, too. just so's ya know.
and clearly, you can always come back to life.

and as greyson gets older, he shares things a bit more.
so the other kids can have a turn doing things with dad.

also, being a house full of boys, there are always some kind of fights, light saber,
gun, fist, wooden blocks. food. all kinds.
it's just in their nature to be turd butts to each other.
at least for our kids. probably because there are so many of them in such close quarters.
also, boys. just boys.


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  1. omgosh! jonyn looks JUST like you in that picture of him laughing! so cute, his face changing & growing up!


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