Friday, December 11, 2015

the almost ten on ten.

yesterday was ten on ten.
you take one photo every hour for ten consecutive hours.
i started okay, but things have just been rough lately,
and yesterday was a hard day, real hard.
but nevertheless, i ended up with some pretty cute photos of my tribe, 
so i'm oversharing them with you!

Ruby Dooby and one of her favorite faces (and toys).

while i was trying to grab a photo of her, all the boys piled in. 
i sure didn't mind! i'll take any chance to get all these hoodlums in one shot!

six kids, you guys. somedays, i'm still all wide eyed about it. not with wonder,
more with ohmygosh!

also, she loves her doorway jumper. so do we! i love to watch her jump in that thing!
and if you give her a chair, you've won her heart!
(i literally push a chair up close to her so she can pound on it and grab toys off of it.)

 i played with a lot of lightroom presets on these images, that's why there are not consistent.
but i don't care, i love them.
see also: leaky face for dayyyyys.

baby girl's first christmas ornament. 
i love it, mad. 

twinkle lights and sunset sky.

this is the best part of the first few christmases. such wonder! 

i mean. i took more than ten photos. but it wasn't legit ten on ten.
so we'll just call it the almost ten on ten.


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