Wednesday, December 16, 2015

this morning with Rubes.

i learned a new trick with my camera today.
i can turn on the wifi and connect it straight to my phone!
which is so awesome because i can still share on social media with editing apps on my
phone for my family to see. and they print automatically in my chatbooks!
and then i can come back later and share the rest here in my tiny 
corner of the interwebz.

with this new knowledge i pulled out my big camera and took photos of the ever so happy 
Ruby this morning! 
also? her first baby doll came in the mail today. *sniffle.
i can't believe how a baby doll is bringing all the emotions!
for serious, i'm all heart eyes emoji and tears down the face emoji over here.
basically, what one would call a hot mess.

i can't believe i get a girl to grow up.
and she is sunshine and rainbows and unicorns.

::baby feet::

::post spit up::

::a short burst of sad baby::

::gorgeous girl::

::natural mohawk and cradle cap::

::kissy lips, all day, err'day::

::sweetest hands::

every morning, when it's time for grey to get dressed, he asks for help.
and three seconds later says neh-mine, i dot dit. i can't believe how much this 
turkey-butt has grown! three and a half and the boss of all the things everywhere.
but serious. he's the bossiest child we've had.

i've taken a lot of photos over the last week or so, 
and it feels so darn good to have my camera in my hands again on the reg.

until next time.



  1. so explain me this, how on earth are you saving your pictures? do you pay for cloud services? i am having a tough time organizing all my pictures from all the sources :( what editing programs do you use on your phone? btw, those ruby pics of her smiling at you are just <3

    1. hey! so, from my camera, i use an external hardrive to back up to. and from my phone, i regularly sync and transfer my images to the computer. like, monthly. i put them in their own folder labeled "iphone" and sort them by date. they also go onto my harddrive. the other thing i have recently discovered is that you can now auto back on Flickr, so i'm doing that now, since i pay for Flickr already. so everytime i finish editing my images and save them, they automatically go to flickr. it's super easy, super handy.

      also, i edit phone photos with PicTapGo.

    2. also, i forgot to mention, that even though i do back up my camera photos, i rarely ever go back to them. they get put on my computer, but then i never look them back up. plus, i do the chatbooks that autoprints all of my IGs that i post, so if i lose phone photos, i have them in print.


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