Sunday, December 6, 2015

trimming the tree.

this seems to happen to us a lot, where we plan the time to get the tree up,
but then things happen and come up and we have to put it off.
last year, our tree bit the dust, so we kept waiting to go together to pick up a new one.
well, we just couldn't make it happen, so i finally just took the kids out to pick one up.
the store had a traditional one in our price range, but they were sold out.
so i was like, okay kids, just pick out a tree.

everyone was like, WHITE TREE WHITE TREE!
and i was like, *yasssss* but i'm not sure your dad will love it.

i was happy to be wrong. and we got a skinny tree, which i'm happy about, also.

my favorite part of tree shopping was when B climbed up onto the riser and was all,
"look, mom, i'm a tree!"
hysterical. probably, you have to really know this boy to know it was super funny.
kid has not a care on this earth, and his future job will have to be one without
someone's life on the line. because he very much lives in his own little world. 

anyways, so the same day, i saw this cute red paper chain garland at the store,
and momma is not about to pay that much for it.

so we bought red sparkly paper to make our own. 
and by we, i really mean me. 
which was totally awesome, because i don't get to get crafty as often as i like anymore!
give momma the glue gun, kids, i've got things to make!

the kids also pulled out the paints, which inspired me to sketch and doodle after my 
paper chains were made.

we weren't able to put up the tree this night, but then next day, we were all over it!

but first! play with the baby.

theeeeen, it was tree time! 
and my very dapper, very handsome, very amazing husband did what he do.

i think grey was most interested in plugging up the lights!

and i would have gotten more photos, but i spent most of the decorating time nursing
my sweet girl to sleep.

and then the traditional, sit in front of the tree kids, momma needs a picture. 

but we can call it a day with this first one. it pretty much sums all of life up.

oh, B.

however, this one takes the cake for me. because Rubes is all: what the crap is happening. 
and i adore it! and her mohawk, too!

Ruby's first Christmas,
our first Christmas with a daughter and sister!
our first Christmas as a whole, completed, no more babies on the way ever, family.
all eight of us together.


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