Saturday, January 2, 2016

first high chair + foods.

With some of the Rubster's Christmas moneys, I decided to get her a high chair!
She loves being upright in her doorway jumper, she loves to be held upright,
and we don't have the bumbo like we did with Greyson.

Because she likes to be held and worn and sometimes that isn't convenient,
like when cooking dinner, I went high chair shopping! I already knew I wanted an IKEA
chair because of the simplicity, but first I wanted to see what the regular store bought ones
cost. It turns out I could go ahead and this simple IKEA one for half the cost, even after shipping!
So I did!

The first day we used it, I brought it into the computer room with me so she could sit
next to me while I was working! And it took her no time at all to realize she could drop
and throw things off!

She sat it in yesterday while I made breakfast, too!
And these are my first photos of 2016!
I'm hoping to be a better photo taker this year! 
I ended the year great! Let's hope I can keep up the momentum!
(also: black and white, because house lighting is poop.)

I had just gone to the store the day before and forgot to get more avocados,
which I planned to be her first taste of food! But I was making eggs and knew they were
also going to be a great first food! And she played with them for a while, 
not really tasting them.

So I stuck a piece in her mouth and she was like, bleep.

At first, she spit it out, so naturally, I did what any loving parent would do,
I shoved another piece in there!
And she was like, NOPE! and cried.

So I didn't try again. Instead I scooped her up and nursed her some more.
She's a boob girl. I guess she will be for a while longer, too!

But I do LOVE this highchair! The cushion is removable and can be purchased separate,
which I like. But she is not quite sitting unassisted yet, so I'm glad I got the cushion.
Once she is sitting solidly and eating all the foods, I'll remove it to make it easier to keep clean.


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  1. She is such a cutie pie! My little boy has tried applesauce, avacado and banana. He hates the applesauce and will only eat the banana if it's mashed in with avacado :)


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