Saturday, January 2, 2016

last day of 2015.

The last day of the year!
Gosh, what a year it was!
My most favorite thing to come out of the year is obviously Ruby Penelope.
I hit some lows, depression lows, faith lows, momming lows, business lows, and more.

But I have been trying to sit down with Toby since about mid October, early November to 
chat about all kinds of things, goals, plans, wishes and dreams, parenting, lots of things.
But it just so happened that yesterday, the 1st was the day we were finally able to just sit and do that.
So we wrote down our goals for 2016,
on so many fronts!
and separate personal goals

The we decided that a giant wall calendar is going to be how we are going to keep track
 of all the things. So I designed that yesterday and will have it printed today, probably!
I'm excited about it and using different colored pens and stickies and post-its!
The hard part is going to be NOT purchasing anything else when I walk in to pick up my calendar,
because #addicted. I'm addicted to office supplies. I already have plenty, but once I'm actually
in the store, I'm like, nope, I think I need more.

the past several years, the Lord has given me a word to focus on and work towards
all year long. I've been patiently waiting for the Lord to give me a word for an area I 
need some serious work. And yesterday, as I was looking over and adding to my goals,
my word hit me like a smack in the face. I was like, 
Lord.... dear precious Lord... why do you pick the hardest thing for me to do?

So. My word is:

F O L L O W - T H R O U G H

gahhhhhhh! < that was my first thought. 
All you have to do is look around at alllll my unfinished projects to know,
I don't do the whole follow through well. Frankly, I suck at it.

So I'm over here telling God,
hey dude, I better see growth if I'm to work on this particular word this year. 

I won't share my specific goals in detail, but they're good! They're good because they 
are what I need to grow. We should have had this conversation months ago,
but it never worked out.

One of our goals, though, is to go to the coffee shop sans kids at the end of every month
and reevaluate where we are with our goals and what next month is going to look like.
I *love* that we're doing that! I also have a designated journal for goals, so I'm excited
to keep record of what we have accomplished and how big we can dream!

I am looking forward to 2016.
I'm looking forward to growth. 
I know it will hurt, working muscles you often neglect usually leaves you a little sore.
But that's okay! It is going to be the best year I've had in 5 years!!!

The last five years man, I'm looking forward to walking away from them, only taking
the really good stuff with me, letting go of how I think I've failed, but not forgetting the 
lessons I've learned. 

Whether you set your goals and dreams to paper or not, 
I hope this is your year to step out in faith and walk boldly towards them!

But you should consider putting pen to paper,
you're more likely to accomplish what you wish to do!

Happy 2016!



my kids the last day of 2015:

"Gimme a superhero pose!"
Greyson: puts things in pocket.

"Greyson, give me superman!"

"Greyson, give me Hulk Smash!!"
Greyson: noooo.

"Okay, look here!"
Jo and Grey: keeps face forward, cuts eyes sideways.


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