Friday, January 1, 2016

snow day! (baby's first).

We had a pretty decent snow two days after Christmas and I might have had some pretty 
darn happy kids!

And it was Ruby's first snow ever, so I had to put on her first jacket and take her out in it!
She was basically like what the bleep?!

::waiting on everyone is so hard to do!::

::but first, kids! a group photo!::

::making her usual faces::

::Momma Cat::

::here, Dad, take the baby so I can photograph her!::

::but those chins, though::

::and since all of the Texas shuts down for winter stuff, the boys got to bicycle in the road::

::me: look here, Jo! ... Jo: *squint squint::

::baby girl and momma warming up in the house::

 Later, it snowed quite a bit more, so the all of the boys went back out in it.
I held Ruby and we watched them through the window. 
So I shot all of these next images through triple pane windows.

::the most excited child ever!::

::basically, these photos did not turn out, but there's something I love about them anyways. so::

::she doesn't want the toys she has. she wants every other object in the house::

::there's that face again:: 
::also: see background::
::turkey butt boy::

::do you see the mohawk?::

They had a ton of fun!
We got another little dusting last night, but it's nearly all melted now.
The snow is fun when it's actually here.
It's when it starts melting that it's messy and nasty.
But as always, the ground here needs it, so. 

And my sweet girl! She is growing so much.
And might be the most adorable thang I ever did see. ever.


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