Monday, January 11, 2016

step one: YES.

This year is going to be a really great year! I can feel it in my bones.
But really great years sometimes come with deep trenches that spur on the blessings
when your faith remains steadfast. I don't know what any of that is going to look like, honestly.
I just know that big, amazing things can (and will, without a doubt) happen when
we say YES to God. When he prompts us, and we wafer without a yes commitment,
it's not blessed and we're not used to bring the kingdom cause forward.
We don't glorify God because we're just sitting there,
we're waiting for the "right time" (I hate that phrase), or we're simply scared,
or we just don't know where or how to start so we just don't move.
God has given me a heart for women the last couple of years, and I just sat there,
afraid, doing nothing, but complaining because my church didn't offer
anything for women. I knew he was calling me to step up into a role that was scary.
And I was basically saying no by my inaction.
Since, I have taken a step forward with a big YES and it may be a small step
and a small act at this very moment, but it is something if the Lord sees fit, he can
change it into something bigger. BUT. I have to be willing with my yes, willing with my heart.
This is the year of two things for me. 
1. The year I live and die by the calendar.
I love calendars, I love organization (even though I'm not good at it), and so I'm committed
to my commitments. My word for the year (Follow-Through) is part of that, following through
with commitments.
2. This is the year of relationships.
I am NOT just a busy mom whose life is only children.
(You can read all about my passion on the subject HERE.)
I love my children, but God never calls us to be one thing alone. I'm not only a mom and that
is the end all be all of my life. 

The Lord has been pressing on my heart how important relationships are. That means saying yes
to social gatherings a whole lot more. God is putting this passion in my heart for this,
He's sort of showing me what I'm missing because everyone likes to keep themselves at arm's
length as a whole. It's scary to put yourself out there. It's intimidating to be asked the hard questions,
so we don't ask, nor do we want to be asked. And we just say our how are you's and i'm fines
and move on with life.

But, you guys, I'm so tired of surface level relationships. 
I'm tired of having a small group that is
supposed to do life together, but doesn't actually do anything but gather once a week to watch 
a video and discuss it. There's got to be more to it than that.
I love my small group, but my heart wants more! 
My heart wants to give more and receive more and serve them more. 
I'm tired of saying... yeah, let's get together sometime... and the never getting together.

I'm tired of complaining about the lack of a women's ministry and not stepping out in faith
to move forward to facilitate lady gatherings.

I'm tired of being on the sidelines of relationships, honestly. 

One of my friends from Insta, she asked a group of us, how's your heart?
and it struck a chord in me. gosh. Did it ever! It spurred all kinds of thoughts.
And so I've been asking that of ladies that are closer to me. Sometimes they tell me, 
sometimes they don't. My goal in asking is to get them to really open up and think about it
and let me pray for them. I want to be more committed to my prayer life this year, and more
committed to praying in earnest for my relationships.

When the year first started, I announced on FB that I did not (once again) want to be reduced
to nothing but a "busy mom," that I wanted to love others well, that I want to share my time
with others. I am a mom, and my kids will always come before so many things,
but I have a God who created me to be so much more and wear many, many hats.
I basically opened a door. 

In the past, when someone texted or called to come over last minute,
we were like uuuggghhhhhh!!! why so last minute? we need notice!?!
and I swear, God flipped a switch when I said YES to the relationships He has in store for me
because we've had more than one last minute request to get together or have company just this week!
And our old habits kind of had us like, dang! But a quick heart turn, and we were
immediately open and available. Sure, I still had to scramble to pick up the house,
and my floors were sticky, but hey, I have six kids!
And if people were really concerned about my unpainted cabinets and sticky floors
and boy-smelling bathroom, they'd quit coming over. 
But I said yes, and I said it willingly, without grumbling. 
And I already see the Lord blessing my efforts, His dreams for me.

There is great abundance when you say yes, it won't always be easy, but it will be God-breathed.
It will be scary, probably. And definitely, it will be outside of your comfort zone. 
It's just the nature of the Lord to use the least qualified. I am not a go getter when it comes to
pursuing people, but God has placed a dream in my heart, and a clear path to get there,
I need only say YES over and over and over.

What is your dream?
What is He asking you to do?
Where is asking you to go?

Ask God, ask Him what His dreams are for you, where He would have you go, 
what He would have you do. He'll start filling you with a passion about something
and you'll feel it in the depths of your soul. 

Then say yes. Over and Over.

It's going to be an exciting year, friends!


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