Wednesday, February 10, 2016

february 2016 so far.

I have definitely been taking more photos lately. The wifi feature on my camera
definitely helps! I love that I can take photos on camera and wifi them suckers on 
to my phone! 

Here are more photos from February. Mostly, I just want my fam bam to see
the pictures of the kiddos. I know, it's mostly the baby. But babies change and grow
the mostest during that first year!

Girlfrand doesn't really like food unless it's mushy: babyfood. But I've been trying
to give her solids here and there to see if she'll eat them.
This day, it was a big fat N O P E!

She started discovering all the places she can scoot! 
And so she started getting stuck, so like all good parents,
I took a photo first. And also scooched the couch over a smidge.

The other day, I grabbed myself a banana while holding this sweet chub a lub and
she looked at me like she really wanted a bite, so I thought, why not!
I put it up to her mouth and she took a little bite (well, she gummed it),
so I figured, let's stick her in a highchair and give her the whole darn thing!

She loved it! Mostly, she'd take bites, gum them a bit, and they'd fall out of her mouth.
But hey, it was the first time she had real table food, so.

After the first banana came baby's first tub bath!
She was pretty apprehensive at first, but once she figured out the splashing thing,
hers loved it!

My kiddos only get screen time on the weekends, so I mean... when it's your screen time,
but you need a moment, you take the kindle with you.

Shenanigans. Always. Al to-the Ways.

So it turns out. My five year old, that doesn't read yet, can read color words.
I didn't know. Hm. I have never had to teach a kid how to read, since my three older ones
went to kinder. But this gives me hope that maybe teaching one to read won't be as 
bad as I always imagined it would be.


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