Friday, February 12, 2016

homeschool: co-op project.

Last fall(ish), we found a homeschool co-op that we wanted to join and give it a go.
Welp, we fell in love. For the most part, I love that I have found other mommas to 
chat with and connect with. (I mean, there are always some you introduce yourself
to and they kind of look at you like you're three eyed and shouldn't talk to strangers. 
That happens anywhere.)I love that my kids get to hang with other kids of ALL ages. 
Babies to teens. It's great! 
I also love that most of the learning they are doing has been hands on!
I'm still trying to figure out how it is I can really contribute, but the Lord will 
tell me. I'm sure of it. I do find it hard, though, with a baby in tow. I wear her, 
but her naptime falls during classes right now, so she gets ready to nurse and sleep
right in the middle, which wouldn't really work out if I was leading a class!

I've tried to think about what I'm good at... 
or at least what I am capable of doing:

having babies.

I kid, I kid. I will not be teaching a class on how babies are born.
Don't worry, moms, I have a sense of humor, but I'm not crazy.
okay, I'm a little off my rocker, but I know where the boundaries lie,
and they do not include talking to anyone else's children about babies exiting the womb!
Also, don't you find it awkward when you're trying to bring humor into a conversation
but the other person doesn't get it? They don't know how to be funny with a stranger.
However, when you find strangers that get it, it's awesome! Like the kid who helped 
me yesterday at Lowe's and actually used the word "BTW." I was like, you get it,
you know how to Human with other Humans without the Awkward.

Back to the point.
Yesterday, the kids were at the Sibley Nature Center in Midland and the little boys'
class was all about recycling, reducing, and reusing. I had to leave with the babes and Greyson
so we didn't disrupt the whole class, but when I got back,
they were making these cute little creatures with some recycled materials.

It was fun! I'm hoping to start remembering to bring my camera along to document more of
the co-op process with my boys. 

Homeschooling can be draining on a parent,
but it can be pretty rad, too!



  1. THAT IS SO GREAT! i have been wondering how you've been handling homeschool.

  2. Can you do a post about cloth diapering if you have time and interest? I'm a non parent and I'm interested in how cloth diapering works for when my husband and I have kids some day. Do you throw the whole poo poo diaper in the washing machine or what? Is part of it throw away? Are they waterproof? I love your blog and parenting style so I'd love to hear from you about it!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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