Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jo, B, Grey.

So Greyson wanted his photo taken.
 I was all over that.

I started talking about bodily functions to get him to smile a natural smile.


*scrunchy face laugh.

I love this one so much.

You know that sound you make with your mouth when you wink at someone?
I *know* you just did it, didn't you??
I don't know what it's called. But I do know,
Greyson has it mastered! And he does this cute little move and wink when he does it.

He makes the sound once when his hands go back and again once they've come down into his guns.
We don't even know where he learned this, but I adore when he does it!

I mean, it's a whole big thing! It takes a lot of effort for him to do it!!

So, Jo and B wanted in...

Grey was telling me that all "four" of them wanted a pee-chure.
So close, buddy.

And then come the fake farts and the blame game.
And the ever so stoic Jonyn. 

Jo said he wants to a police officer when he grows up.
I see him being the cop with zero humor.

See this face? It's because Grey is about to be a turd butt.

See? He feels like he's the boss. 
of all the things.
of all the times.
of all the places.
because, threenager.

There you go, fam bam.
Maybe my bigger kids will grace this space again soon(ish).



  1. I winked. Then read the next line, and laughed. :D

  2. I winked. Then read the next line, and laughed. :D


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