Tuesday, February 16, 2016

schedules and crafts.

Back in the summer, yep, the summer, I came up with a loose routine/schedule that worked great during our break. It worked really great. But then school came back and we started homeschooling again in September and well... the new (summer) schedule just wasn't working as great. I mean, we'd get stuff done, but usually in a yell-y kind of fashion. Lots of me saying hurry up and get with it and such. And let me tell ya, when 8 people live in one house all day long, there's a lot of mess that naturally happens. Especially with the really short humans.

So I had been thinking on how to change things up. I have never really zone cleaned before, like tackle one room top to bottom, fan to floor. It never made sense in my brain, I couldn't make it compute. But then something happened, maybe it was the sixth baby, I dunno, but suddenly it makes so much sense to clean that way! One zone each day.
Before, I just felt like two things: 1) We couldn't keep anything tidy or clean. 2) When we tried, it felt like I was asking the kids to pick up and clean all the live long day. It was frustrating for all of us.

So. I made up a new daily routine and cleaning schedule that so far, two days in, I love. (and can I just say that I'm so used to speaking in Emoji that I really feel like I need them for my blog to really get my point across. Whur my eyeroll 'moji?) 
I have the kiddos tidy their own spaces before school and help with breakfast clean up. Then they do their school thang and reading bits. Then they help with lunch clean up, and following that, we do our zone chores and tidy the floors and surfaces very quick like. Yesterday, the entire living space (fan to walls to floors) took 30 minutes. Today was the dining, bar, and bookshelf space, 45 minutes top to bottom. I have an hour allotted, but working all at once as a team gets 'er done really fast. And they also help with dinner clean up and tidy their own spaces before bed.

The last two days, I have felt more free to do other things. Like, if my house isn't somewhat orderly, I don't feel like I have permission to do anything fun or for me. But today, I was all, yeah! let's bring out all the crafts! who's in?! because I felt free to do so, because the house is orderly. Not spotless, but not giving me anxiety, either.

So. Craft, we did.
This photo totally cracks me up. B wanted to make bunock-alurs.
And a few other things with egg cartons, which we'll do tomorrow.

 And you guys, you should know by now that Jo, my bug buy was so all over the spider craft. He even made a web on my wall for Black Widow (what he named his pet) to hang on. Also? that smirk. Forever my serious child. He wants to be a cop, but I'm probably going to push him towards forensic entomology. Right now, it's so fitting. Also and unrelated: my only brown eyed child, in fact, the only set of brown eyes among the eight of us.

And me, well, I did just a couple of things I had been wanting to do. One was copy cat my sweet new friend Manderly and make a burlap garland. Last year, my word of the year was ABIDE, and I love the reminder of having the word hanging on my walls, so I made a garland for it. I'm basically starting to fall in love with all the garlands.

I tried hanging it here first, but it didn't look how I thought it would in my head, so that was out.

 So I started playing and trying it on all the things, including my coffee filter wreath and ended up hanging it with my yarn wall hanging. I really love it there. I also really love layers, if you didn't catch that. I want to do a few more things to it, but it can hang here until I get around to going back to the craft store, which I haven't been to in months. MONTHS. Since before Christmas. true story.

I also repainted this canvas that was not cute on a whim. The first time I butchered painted it, I was all, I'm just going to move the brush til something moves me. That resulted in vertical color blocked hodge podgy lines. Ugly. But I left it there. Until today when I slapped a coat of white paint on it and went in with a plan! Plus signs. 

JoJo now says I'm really good at painting. He is still young enough to believe I hung the moon (which makes me swoon). But anyways, this is so much brighter and fresher and simpler. I love my home decor and all of the unique, cozy touches I bring to it myself. If I had a style, I don't even know what it'd be called. Probably, it would be Hodge Podgy, just like this canvas used to be.

Tomorrow, I start painting the rest of my house. I really want to sew something, so that can be my reward for a job okay done on the painting. And the kids, they'll just go ahead and craft some more, too.



  1. so cute! I love the hoop art & tassel.

  2. I seriously love your "ABIDE" sign. I might have to copy the idea. I'll use a different word. No one will ever know! :)


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