Sunday, March 13, 2016

losing the training wheels!

We've had some crazy warm weather since last month. This was the 20th of February and baby girl was comfortably outside without clothes. It's been so lovely, and has actually felt like spring.

Jonyn had been asking to have his training wheels off for about a week before we were able to actually take them off for him. So all of us gathered outside. Me, with my camera. And Toby, with his video camera and Mad Dad Skillz.

But first! Brennen. Because all the lolz you can find.

That kid is so funny! He is is own little personality for sure!

And Rubes was in a pretty great mood, as usual. Chatty and curious, also as usual.

I'm not sure who she was giving the "what the bleep" look to, but dang, were they ever getting it!!

Dad's getting them training wheels off!

And here they go!!! ...

*I intermittently took photos of the Rubster since she was right there beside me.

I mean... look at his grin!!


And we'll end it with a glimpse of Rubes's future!! lolz!! Seriously makes me laugh.

She done!

The day after Jonyn got his wheels off and he kept coming back into the house saying he doesn't his training wheels back on. He didn't get the hang of it right away, but after several more days, he did ask for them to go back on. We told him no, to just keep practicing! I'm happy to report that he finally caught on and can now ride his bike without his training wheels!! It's so fun watching him ride without that extra reliance!!

Brennen is next!!


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