Sunday, March 13, 2016

ten on ten :: march 2016

Welllll, more like 8 on 10. When the 10th falls on a Thursday, it is sort of hard for me to get all of my photos in. Lately, there's been homeschool co-op plus our small group on Thursdays, so I get busy and distracted and don't have my camera handy each time. But anyways, this Thursday we just had small group, no co-op and the house was already clean, so I participated as much as I could! I managed to get in 8 photos, which for right now, is pretty great!

So. Here's Ten on Ten for March!!



::pulling up and crusising::

::birthday money legos::

::darling girl::

::washing berries::

::lego superheroes::

::baby's dinner::


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