Saturday, March 12, 2016

the day of Jo's 7th.

Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe my third born baby is S E V E N!! How time has just flown by! But that's okay, I love seven. I think seven is a great, great age. His little personality grows just a touch more each day and we get to see more of who he is. It's an amazing thing!

Every time his birthday rolls around, it's also a time for me to remember that he's my double rainbow baby. Two babies before him were formed and lost and I can't help but think how amazing it is that they get to live their entire existence with Jesus. And without the Lord calling them home, I wouldn't have this tiny human here. And lemme tell you, the world needs him.

My smart, smart, eye rolling kiddo. What a birthday he had! Nothing extraordinary, but this ordinary birthday, this ordinary life, it's ours, and I'm asking the Lord to show me the joy in motherhood as I navigate these waters day in and day out. That's the calling on my life, to step out onto the waves of motherhood and trust that Jesus will keep my feet firm and facing Him.

This is our day today. in 61 photos. Because, as much as I think I should cull even more and only show you the best of the best, I just don't care today and want to share each snippet.


We really started our day at lunch time where Jo just asked for some sandwiches and some time to ride bikes at the park. He recently got his training wheels off, so as soon as we finished up lunch, we headed out to get him a kickstand! We also went and got us (mom and dad and Rubes) some bikes to ride with them. And whew!! I'll blog about that later!! We rode to the park and rode around and came back..... but let's just start at the photos.

 I came in to get a photo of Jo to compare to his 1st birthday (see instagram @the.chambers.crew) and he was holding the baby, so I snapped. And B scooted over close and the magic just happened on it's own!

Grey was trying to get me to fix the lego snow speeder that was broken. I don't know how to fix it, so I just took a picture or three instead, like any good mom.

These were after we got home from riding. I asked Jo for a few pictures. He gave me his usually Jo smile that says, I showed up the photo but I can't smile.

Grey asked for a photo also. So.

And B, of course.
Messy, unkempt hairs, don't cares.

THIS is the genuine Jonyn smile!! I was teasing him about being 80, he slipped and said he was 70, so I kept pestering and he was giving me REAL smiles!!! FINALLY!!!! All the !!!!! because I *never* get these smiles from him! Ever!

Soo, I had asked Taylan to run in and get the other siblings, but he never came back, so I don't have any photos of all of them, but I did get the three amigos together, and I LOVE them!!!

THIS ONE. Can you even??!!

Because he's three. Lest we forget.

He was trying to guess his gifts here because I really teased him and brought them out for him to see the presents before he could open them.

Check the bumper reflection here! Hahahahaha!!

We facetime with my Mom while he opened his gifts from her. And we opened them all outside because it was so pretty out, it just felt right. And I just ADORE the expressions on his face coming up! He asked for all police stuff since that's what he wants to be when he grows up. Toby and I even got him 4 pair of handcuffs so he could arrest EVERY brother. It only made sense.

Genuine joy!!

Once we were completely finished, I couldn't resist taking some photos of my chubby girl. She's not nearly as chub-a-lub as Grey Grey was, but she still has enough extra fluff to be squishy. Also, she's just gorgeous.

Full on JOY! She melts me so much. She melts the places that are iced over, the places that need the most tender touch. She is nothing short than a gift from the Lord.

CAKE!! See Grey? The answer to his problem right there is this: threenager. He was upset he couldn't blow out the candles.

And when Jo did blow them out, oh man, full blown melt down!! Utter devastation! His world is over. So we settled it by giving him his own candle in his own piece of cake. Magically, no more tears.

Jo said he had the best birthday, and I truly believe he felt that way! He is so special for so many reasons. I've gotten misty eyed a few times today thinking about my boy and how far we've come from worrying his whole pregnancy to having a pretty cranky baby to a crazy toddler that potty trained himself in a week to a silly preschooler to a now first grader that is just so smart and curious! He is his own person and I pray we are able to shape him through Holy guidance into the person God intends.

Jo Jo, we love you so! Happy Birthday, our sweet boy!

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