Sunday, March 13, 2016

the jumper.

This girl! She loves that doorway jumper SO much. She was about six months old when she figured out how to swing and how to jump. She was being a hoot a little over a week ago, so I got my camera out to video her and took some stills in the process. She's a ham!! I love her messy hair here. And I'm using that term, messy, VERY loosely! It's not like she has a bunch of hair, but the little fuzzies were sticking out this day, which just makes me smile.  (And yes, she does stand straight up in that thing.) She's so entertaining when she's jumping and swinging. And when I say swinging, I mean she runs forward as fast and far as she can and then lifts her feet and swings. She also likes to spin herself, huh-larious! I try to video her in it often since it won't be long til she's done with it. She's already to the point that now that she can pull up, cruise furniture, and crawl to all the places, she'd much rather be on the ground exploring.


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