Saturday, May 7, 2016

first + last. | april 2016.

first day of April
last day of April.


this was just after Rubes starting pulling up and she was still trying figure out how to bend down and grab things off the floor while standing at furniture. 

waving bye bye.

greyson started saying the phrase "mom, wasch the wepway" {watch the replay}, and here, he wanted me to watch his replay of throwing his ball up and attempting to catch it! three year olds are amazing little humans!

I love this photo of her so incredibly much!! I can't get enough of her tiny lashes, her ruby red lips, those hazely sparkly eyes, and those short, wispy little hairs, those eyebrows. And that little extra chin fluff is just a bonus!


after showers one night and Rubes comes to take over the space! Sister baby hams it up when I break out the camera now! I don't really even have to ask her to look at me, she just does, and I get a big grin just because she sees my camera pointed at her! She seemed to change and grow from the first to the last day of the month! It still blows my mind how much they morph during that first year of life!

I know, you guys, I know. Yes. I totally only took this camera out twice in April! Sad. Buuut, my timehop app keeps popping up with all the photos I took about three years ago with my big camera and I'm like, basically jealous of myself for having all those amazing big camera images of my kids! So. I've tried to be better in May. And so far, managed to take photos 5 of 7 days in May. That's so much better than last month already! So, winning! But, lez be real and see how long it lasts. [sad face]. 

If you stuck around this long and read all of this, THANK YOU, FRAND!


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