Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday's Top Ten 05.27.2016

Today's Top Ten, mingled with a little Life Lately:

1: These images have me way inspired to break out my pearls (these are a strand of craft pearls) and find a cute outfit and bring out the back drop and photograph my girl!!

2: Typical scene at my house.

3: This boy of mine. Always with a nose in a book. I love it more than I can even describe. He reads for fun. He reads everywhere. It's amazing how quickly he can go through a stack of library books.

4: I've been capturing more of the details lately in my personal photography. I love it just as much as I did when I first fell in love with detail shots.

5: Last week, Greyson came to me pointing at his face saying, "Mom, I have deez!" He was pointing at his eyebrows! And he looked at me for a minute and said, "You have deez also!?" ....pause... "Can I touch dem?" So he rubbed my eyebrows. Then immediately proclaimed that he had a butt crack! He's on the verge of being four and his little personality is just blooming more and more and I love how much more amazing he gets everyday. So once a day or every other day or so, he reminds me of his butt crack and asks to rub my eyebrows again.

6: These three were the triplet equivalent to twinning the other night with their pair of hand me down footed pj's. Somehow they each managed to get a pair that fits them from whoever these came from. So when all three pair were clean at the same time, they were basically the most excited kids ever and kept running into each other's arms like this. So when I asked if I could take a photo, this is what they did! I ain't mad about it.

7: Once upon a time she let me put anything I wanted on her head. Then she got bigger.

Also, see the gums? She is currently trying to pop her first tooth through. Her bottom right tooth is *thisclose* to poking through since I took this photo. (She was 11 mths on May 24th. I breed late teethers).

And she posed like it's 1990.

8: Greyson found a pair of goggles in the garage the other day while I was prepping for a yard sale and he looked so hilarious that I asked if I could get a photo of him. He did say yes, but when I asked him to stand where I wanted him, he started to have a meltdown. When standing in the most random place HE wanted (near the van), he ever so graciously allowed me to photograph him with the goggles on. All because, threenager. probably also PKS (photographer's kid syndrome).

9: JoJo has decided he wants to be a cop when he grows up and ever since that declaration, has been obsessed with anything cop. He places his brothers under arrest often and it's a super great day when he can find his glasses, hat, and badge all at the same time (we're missing his badge here). If he does become a cop, he's going to be one that has zero sense of humor, and you just don't joke about anything ever. And good heavens, that makes me laugh so much thinking about future Officer Chambers. But even though he's the most serious kid ever, I still got a smirk. heh.

10: You guys, as special as it is to watch any child with their daddy, I'm finding it even more amazing to watch this baby girl with her daddy and him with her. I still can't get over the fact that I have this little baby d a u g h t e r. And put these two together, and I turn to mush.

Enjoy your long weekend, peeps!


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