Friday, May 6, 2016

life lately. :: march 2016

life lately, late march edition.
{photo heavy post}

crawling, but not pulling up to her feet at this point.
she discovered in march that she can watch the boys outside from the front door.
girlfrand loves that front door!

her dirty feet are my one of my favorite things.
it's a sign of a baby life well lived. 
momma letting her be wild and free and roam and explore to her heart's content.
momma doesn't care about dirt, momma doesn't care that baby goes days with a bath.
momma just wants her girl to be free to be her... dirty foot tops and all.

favorite below:

our first trip to the Monahans Sand Hills.
sister girl loved the sand so much! and the fitted sheet trick at the beach does work!
but only if a: you have four heavy objects for each corner.
b: have a baby that isn't extremely mobile and adventurous.
and c: plan to not leave the space unless you're wearing shoes that don't get sand on your feet that you remove before reentering. 

while the majority of this crowd below was us and some friends,
they're not all us.
 Ruby was crawling at this point, but she wasn't to the level of adventurous as she is now!

This was baby girl's first Easter and first fancy dress!

I'm going to print this one and frame it because hashtag: all the heart eyes.

 I LOVE being able to do edits with pink and purple hues now! I can't believe I get to even do that. It's still just exploding my brain to see her everyday and realize I have a little daughter. The Lord is so gracious to let us have her earthside. She amazes me in a new way every single day and every single first for her is a last for me, and I am just soaking every.single.second of it up like a sponge. 

I'd love to go back and sniff her newborn head once more, but I don't wish for any time back. My only desire is to enjoy her where she's at (as with all my kiddos). It's refreshing to watch them grow without wishing them smaller. I really believe there's freedom in that.

the beginning of our garden! we started our garden indoors this year, and I think I made a huge mistake by transferring them to the ground before they were actually big enough because I'll be sowing a bunch of seeds into the ground that didn't survive the transfer.
either way, the kids had a great time playing in the dirt and planting "their" seeds!

 baby girl needed a snack break.

so those are the March images I actually captured! I so need to take my big camera out more.
I do post a bunch of phone, and sometimes big camera, photos on my instagram account, @the.chambers.crew, if you want to keep up there. Basically, though, instagram has become my mini blog and I post a lot of honesty over there. And when I try to think of what I want to blog about, I just find myself at a loss of words, which I halfway think it's because I am posting on my IG feed. But I also like it because all of my IG images and words are automatically made into books and shipped to me (automatically) when one is complete.

anyhoo... more photos and random words will be posted soon! until then:

Dear grammar nazi's, I am well aware I did not use caps properly, and I just.don', so away with you! shoo! I know more grammar rules than most people, I just choose to not use it properly out of artistic choice. YES I JUST SAID THAT.
I am actually one that types out all of my words in a text message. I don't use letters to replace my words (ex: you vs. u) unless I'm being gangsta (which also falls under artistic choice).

Also, you grammar nazi's are THE worst about not knowing when to use the word ME instead of I. Sometimes "me" is the proper word, it is not always "and I." Lemme repeat that:  IT IS NOT ALWAYS "I".  And yes, I am a part of the silent grammar police as well. I sit and silently correct grammar and will NOT ever repost a meme on social media if there is a misspelling or grammar mistake, so. And now I feel better about the world. 


ps, I didn't even proofread this!

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