Friday, May 27, 2016


I wanted to get some really adorable photos of my girl in her denim skinnies and my pearls and beads. But. Well, she basically just wanted to crawl to me after a few minutes and I really didn't think I actually got very many because she was so unhappy (tired, actually). However, it turns out that I got a few I LOVE and will be loading them up to to order some prints from our quick mini session! (also, she's 11mths and 3days old now, say what?!).

*sources at the bottom of the post.

because, belly.

This one of her attempts to put the beads around her head. cutest!

 so close!!

Her lips naturally have the most delicious color.

She is such a curious little girl, I just love it! She isn't afraid of much and thoroughly enjoys exploring anywhere she gets a chance!

I really just say YAY to watch her clap. Because, adorable. as. heck.

Hi, gorgeous.

backdrop: Joann
pearls + bead strands: SDCjewelry
photographs: ME! (I also take partial credit for the adorable baby.)

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