Monday, May 16, 2016

ruby + sandhills. 10mths.

I met up with some friends the other day to take some photographs of them out at our local (ish) Sandhills. I had five of my six kiddos with me because my schedule conflicted with Toby's so there was no leaving kids home that day! Which was totally great, by the way, not the burden you're imagining right now. *wink. My second oldest was SUCH a great help in keeping the attention of my little boy subject, he even earned a little extra cash! And Rubes rode great on my back in my Tula carrier til she decided she was absolutely starving!

So I stuck around and fed her before we drove back home. But after she ate, I noticed this little shrub with some branches overhanging it and I couldn't get the image of her sitting right there out of my mind. So I plopped down the blanket down and just snapped several photos in just a few minutes time. Which also happens to be the amount of time it took for her to eat the flowers.

Does my daughter self feed? Yes, yes she does. Flowers. She self feeds on flowers. And found cookies in my bag. And day old apple cores her brother leaves lying around. Totally winning at momming.

These were quick edits that I didn't even bother removing the boogs on. Because mom of six. and real life. and all that jazz. also, probably lazy. also, I have other things to edit. also, who cares because she's still precious. and I did try to wipe her face before I started snapping the photos.

*eating the flower*

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