Thursday, May 26, 2016


thirteen, guys. 
As of this month, I have a thirteen year old. Man. All the feels. I remember the day he was born. I couldn't believe I had a little human to care for. And honestly, I was a little scared of him! And I didn't even change his first diapers. I didn't know what the heck I'm doing. He's my first born, so unfortunately, he's like my test kid. I get it wrong a lot, but he's still alive, so that's something. 

He's an amazing kid. He really is. We spent his birthday at the museum for a CSI Science Night. It was pretty fun! He was really grossed out by the little pigs on the table when it came to the autopsy portion, while some of my other kids were highly intrigued. 

Before we left for the museum, I did take him to Target for a new hat, a new book of choice, and any drink he wanted from Starbucks. Totally chose a fruity tea. 

Gifts, cookie cake, and ice cream came next. He's also my slowest moving child, taking his time with everything he does ever. Kid doesn't understand the term "quick" and we've mostly come to accept it. But the other kids faces in the next few photos while he opens and carefully exams his gifts are my favorite and totally make me legit lol.

Greyon's all... Here, get on with it!!

Y'all, these candles were supposed to be sparkler candles. But they ended up being more like trick candles. They didn't sparkle much, but what little bit they did, they kept relighting themselves and candles near them. So. It took a while. It was great!!

Greyson thinks he needs to help blow out candles no matter whose birthday it is. So I can't even tell you how excited he was to get to help with this last candle that kept coming back. His day was made. And we all had a good laugh.

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