Tuesday, April 11, 2017

life lately // april 2017

Just sharing some random things going on around here in photos.

We'll start with this adorable creature. I made those leggings for her well before she was born. They have never really fit right because crochet leggings just don't stay up like stretchy cotton. But it's cool, she can rock them with her boots! And I feel like she just tops it all off with that pony tail. Can you believe she's finally getting longer hair?! I'm so school-girl-excited!! I want to fix her hair now that she sits to let me do it!! But it still needs a little more length before I can do anything crazy, like braids.

She has this little fort with a slide, and while she LOVES to slide, she won't go down it alone, without holding my hand. BUT she sure as heck will climb down that ladder backwards!

And here's my garden. I'm growing some edible plants and probably some trees (though I plucked the potential trees on some sound advice). I photographed these last week before I had some more sprouts pop up, which I'm SUPER FREAKIN' excited about! Last year, I literally COULD NOT with my garden. I was some coming off post-partum everything and though I spent time into growing seedlings, I just couldn't get beyond that and take care of them.

This year, I feel a thousand times more capable of doing things, so a garden is priority this year for sure. I have radishes, new potatoes, trees (jk, I pulled them), cukes, zukes, pepps (is that annoying? when people shorten words? it is, right? it's fine, though.), melons, carrots, lettuce, spinach, green beans, and some herbs. Holla! I'm ready for them to be ready already. I have zero patience. Grow, dangit!!! (Also, I should mention, my thumb is not green. It's brownish. So there's really no telling what's actually gonna grow and survive long enough to be consumed.) (Also? When the heck do you pull stuff out of the ground? When are those root veggies ready?)

trees, but I've since removed them.

More of this peanut in her new LuLaRoe dress. *swoon*
Her baby bestie has the same dress. So. Clearly she needed it, too. And her baby bestie's momma was so generous to gift it to us. I lurve it. It's technically her Easter dress, but we had to snap some photos of her in it!!

And lastly, Jonyn's 8th birthday!


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