Tuesday, April 4, 2017

my boys. april 2017

The kids asked to go to the park today. I said if they quickly took care of their business this morning (school and chores), we'd go. And also, Imma take some photos of you kids while we're there, mkay? It was sort of windy at my house, but not horrible. But... we're surrounded by other houses and I should know better by now: it's usually windier everywhere else we go. So it was crazy windy at the park, so much so that Rubes was ready to get the heck out of there after about ten minutes. Whew, it was bad!

But I did get a few snaps of the boys.

And as usual, Grey posed himself and his personality just shines through every image I ever take of him!! I adore it!!

Brennen had trouble with the sun. He always does, even when there is no sun. He's blinded by the air. Every time!!

Jonyn: that awkward stage with teeth too big for the mouth. It's truly the bestest! I adore it!! I'll be sad when his teeth are fully in.

Kanyon is so like me we tend to butt heads a little too often. He's going be my second teenager this year. So crazy. How is it even possible I'll have two teens?!

Taylan is in a space where bounces between trying to grow up and still being a kid. I love the moments when he shows initiative and gets after his responsibilities. It comes in waves. And I just cannot believe he's 14 years old next month.



Ruby opted out of photos. But that's okay. I have some adorable ones from last week. Those will be posted next.

Here's my whole crew.

Oh, Grey! 

And see how much Ruby was not into it today?


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