Tuesday, April 4, 2017

the lady baby. march 2017

Details, you guys. I love detail shots. They make my heart swoon and my eyes get all googly. They make cheeks rise and my breath sigh. If ever photography was my job again, I'd want to be in the business of photojournalistic style photography. True lifestyle. Capturing hands and shoes and wisps of hair and cheek dimples and dirty toes and the tiniest of things. I do this with my own littles. I certainly don't photograph my family like I used to, and I wish I was disciplined enough to shoot them everyday in some form or fashion with my big camera, but I am just not.

Depression takes so much away from you. It took a lot away from me. It took the desire to do anything related to all of life away, except sleeping. I wanted to sleep. My passions got tossed to the wayside. My photography inside my family unit halted. Everything I enjoyed, just gone. And now, I'm out of the rhythm of capturing my people. It's a rhythm I'd like to get back into, but I will not hold myself to too high of a standard for fear of personal let down. I'll keep using my phone, and it'll be okay. I'll use my big camera when the mood strikes, and that'll be just fine. Should it strike more often, though, I wouldn't mind. But for now, snippets of our life through my lens.

And today, it's Ruby. I love her so.


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