Thursday, May 11, 2017

finding Jesus + summa time.

So. Are you like me? Do you approach the Bible with this attitude: What am I going to get out of it today? What word is going to be spoken into my life? Also, where is my devotional, because I can't read my Bible without one. What's God gonna give me?

This was my story. I wanted to know what I was going to get out the Bible every time I read it. What was going to be spoken to me. What thing was I going to take away. And every time I cracked 'er open, I had to have a devotional or I was sure I wouldn't understand anything, or even receive anything that day.

I am absolutely not saying devos are bad. I am absolutely not saying we shouldn't be seeking the Bible for answers, because duh. We should be. (But I'm not talking on that today, it's a completely different subject than what's on my mind.)

All I'm saying is I was taking a me me me approach every. single. time. Every time, guys.

And I have a very good friend who is wise about things Bible related. (thank God for putting her in my life). Well, we were chatting one day about Jesus-y stuff as we usually do when we meet together, and she said something that has stuck with me and changed the way I'm approaching Scripture this summer and forever. She said, "When I started looking for Jesus in the Bible, that's when everything changed." Whoa. My mind blew. the. heck. up. I'm pretty sure I was stone faced in the moment, but that one statement stuck with me and rattled around in my mind for dayssssss. Weeks. We were currently in the middle of a major Bible study with our women's group and I was currently in the middle of the busiest season EVER so I'll be honest here: I didn't exactly always crack open my Bible simply to read it.

Now that my world has calmed down and I have had time to really think and ponder things. Now that I've stopped for hot minute and turned my heart back to the Lord. Now that I've slowed my roll (yeah, um, I googled to see if it was roll or role and we're going with urban dictionary's roll. I'm not a nerd, you are). Okay, so now that I've slowed my roll, I am taking time to seriously read the Word, with intent, because I wanna, out of zero obligations, but out of pure desire. Holla! I'm a little gangsta at heart. Sorry, not sorry.

But for the reals, here's my summer challenge for me (and you, if you wanna):

Read the Bible to find Jesus.

Do not: read the Bible solely for a word or to get something out of it for me (or someone else).

Crack open that sucker and seek the Savior.

Do not: crack it open because of how I'm feeling that day. (emotions are not truth givers).

Dive in everyday and see where the Lord can be found.

Do not: dive in looking for answers (unless there is a real situation that calls for it, that's different. I'm not talking about that today).

That's what I'm doing. I'm looking for the Holy One in the Word. I'm simply building my relationship with Him by seeking Him and letting Him speak into my life through the scriptures that all point back to Him anyways.

Daily, I journal a prayer before I even dive in: God: Open my eyes to see you. Open my ears to hear your Words. Open my heart to receive your truth. The verbiage varies on the daily, but the heartfelt prayer is still the same: less of me me me, more of you. Then I jump into my Bible. I've further challenged myself to read the Bible without any tools (devos or Bible studies or what have you). I will google for things I want to dissect, or seek a knowledgeable human to help a girl out, but I don't start with anything. I just want my readings to be pure: pure in seeking Jesus. I don't want to come to my quiet time only hoping for things He can give to me. I want to come to quiet time giving my ears and eyes and heart over to finding Jesus and falling more deeply in love with Him.

I want this summer to solely be about opening my Bible and saying Where my Homie at today? 


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