Wednesday, June 14, 2017

washington 2017 // day 5.

So we decided to take a trip down to Oregon this day and Leslie found us a tiny house to stay in, walking distance from the beach. 😍 It was so stinkin' adorable and I just couldn't help but pinterest the tiny house things and ask my honey if we could sell our house and move into a tiny one!!! I was so smitten! The girls loved it just as much, too!

So we ended up driving through Portland to get to our destination. Driving through Oregon was amazing!! It was so beautiful!!! Once we got to the tiny house and had snack for the girlies, we walked down to the beach through the most lovely patch of grass taller than me!

Everything was going so well at the beach! Leslie found us a tiny crab that Ruby was desperate to hold! She kept grabbing at him, but I finally got her to keep her hand still and flat so she could hold him. She kinda loved it.

But then.

Then, we started flipping rocks to find more baby crabs. And we found one that was a bit bigger, not much, but big enough that his claws were white. We were watching him and playing with him when Rubes flipped her lid!!!! She wigged! Complete and utter wigging out! She basically stood on her tippy toes trying to climb up my body so she could get off the ground!!! After that moment, she absolutely refused to be on the ground afterwards. So much flipping out happened if I even tried. Bless her!! Girlfrand is from the desert and knows nothing of these scary creatures! 😂

She was very mad that I put her down at one point, but momma's back needed a break from wearing her in the carrier, so.

She was okay as long as I sat her down on something that wasn't sandy or rocky! So I did, and I did get a few adorable shots of her that way.

But seriously, Toby, can we get a tiny house, please?


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