Thursday, July 6, 2017

life lately // july 2017.

life lately: end of june, beginning of july.

in photos:


{baby's first top knot}


{ruby's second birthday}

{so she thought she was getting her cake allllll to herself, but i was just trying to set it down on the table so we could sing her happy birthday. sweet one was sad when she thought she wasn't going to get it after all. 😂} 


{man child numero uno}

{pre fourth sparklers}

{these two could not hang}


{"boo-behyees" // all the berries are blue berries to her!!}

{big kids taught the smallest brother to ride without training wheels. all of our boys no ride sans trainers. whoop!!}

{new hairs. pink with a touch of lavender. in love! 😍}

{less edited so you can see the lovely colors}

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