Wednesday, July 5, 2017

the Fourth // 2017.

Like last year, we went to our local fireworks show. We went early, also like last year, but this time we came armed with frisbees, a soccer ball, and plenty of glow stick bracelets. Toby and the kids had so. much. fun!! I did, too. I did what I usually do and just watched my people enjoy themselves. I went armed with my camera this year, and I'm super glad I did!

(we also popped some firecrackers and lit some sparklers at home before and after the fireworks show.

popping fire crackers. Ruby's favorite was stomping on them!

firecrackers shaped like toy guns = big hit with the boys.


this kid makes THE best faces!!


oh my heart! 😍

piggies! 😍

Grey and Rubes doing handstands.

homegirl makes this face ALL the time, and it is near the literal best!!!!

this is how Rubes throws a frisbee.

aaaand this is how Rubes prepares to catch a frisbee. 😂😂😂

dad spoiled us with snocones.

glow sticks in the pigtails.

sparklers at home. 
(the other kids kept getting too far away for me to take photos. I mean. 
we do kind of have a lot to keep up with. 😂)

I hope you guys had a great Fourth! Thanks for sharing ours through these photos! 😘


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